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#TuesdayTips How to set up a Domestic Sewing Machine.

Following on from my Sewing basics blog post, here is a quick how to of how to thread up a domestic sewing machine to those of you who need a quick refresher!

This is something I could never get the hang of when I learned to it's second nature.

Please Note : Most sewing machines are set up in this way. They aren't all exactly the same, but they are very similar. Mine is a Brother XL - 26 20.

First of all, make sure you have a decent thread. I sew with polyester overlocking cones, because the thread is less likely to snap than a cotton thread. Plus you need a spool full of thread to go underneath your machine.

I have numbered the points to discuss as best I can, (with arrows!) So follow these and you shouldn't go wrong.

Number 1:

The thread, load the spool or bobbin onto the top Spool Pin (the spike which can be lengthened or shortened on top of your machine - it looks a but like a machine Aerial!)

Number 2 :

Pull the tread along to the left, past the dials and to the catch at the top of the machine. Each machine is different but as long as the thread is securely in between the metal "plates" it will be fine.

Number 3:

Pull the thread down "channel" to the bottom thread guide.

Number 4 :

Make sure the thread goes down the right hand side "tchannel" and along the bottom of the thready guide, before going back up to the top, alongside the left hand side "channel.

Number 5:

In between these "channels" will be a Take up Lever, which basically looks like a hook. Make sure your thread sits nicely in this and bring it back down the other side. Making sure the "going up thread" and the "coming down thread" and either side of the Take up lever. Don't cross them over.

Number 6 :

Bring the thread down to the needle and thread. Your sewing machine should have the needle facing flat so you thread it front to back. This way it ensure it will sew properly.

Onto the bottom of the sewing machine:

Number 7:

Put the bobbin into the spool plate with the thread facing clockwise, Make sure it pulls through easily and pull 10cm of thread through to leave trailing to the left of the machine.

Number 8:

Replace the Bobbin cap / shutter cover to make sure the bobbin is in securely. Wind the wheel on the right of your machine until the needle goes down into the Spool plate. Bring the needle back up (by continuously turning the wheel) and hopefully you will have brought 2 strands of thread up too!


If not, try again, often it takes a couple of attempts. Pull the loose strand of the bobbin case (the one you trailed to the left) and hopefully this should work.

You may need to adjust the tension. I always work with a basic straight stitch and the thread tension on 2.

Once the tension is correct and the machine is sewing neat stitches, you are good to go!

Please note that this is a basic step by step of how to thread up your machine. I will be adding more details "How To's" in the future.

In the mean time, If you need more help, you know where to find me.

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