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As promised... 🎉

This weeks #TuesdayTips

I’m going to try and keep this post running as regularly as possible. Just to update you with any facts or tips that will help you sew whilst you’re at home! 🧵🏠

This is a screen shot from a video I saw, Unfortunately it was in another language, hence the screen shots rather than the link! 🤣

But this person has placed a needle through their fabric, to create a gap wide enough to thread their fabric handmade “bias binding” through. This holds it in place + folds in the outer edges whilst ironing it.

As you all know, because I talk about “bias binding” a lot! I also get asked the best way to make it a lot too.

You can get little tools that make it for you, but if you’re stuck in isolation and can’t get to the shops, and wanting to give this a go, this is a really simple idea to practise with.

Stay safe!

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