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Today : Turning fabric tubes inside out.

This is something I get asked on a weekly basis, and that's fine, because it's a constant battle for me too!

And I would love to employ someone who did this job for me because it stresses me out at the best of times.

Turning fabric tubes inside out (whether it's for a bag strap, a dress strap, a decoration of some kind) the narrower the tube, the more impossible it is to sew it and turn it the right way around.

A safety pin, a crochet hook, a straw, a kebab skewer.. you name it..I've had a fight with it!

But this morning I stumbled upon this short article of 3 "simple" ways to turn your fabric tubes inside out, easily.

Full Article:

I've tried number 1 and 2 and they seem to work. Let me know how you get on!

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