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Just a little tip today, but it might change your life....or at the very least the speed you unpick stitches.

We've all got an Unpicker (or Seam ripper) in our sewing kits. Those dreaded things that you use to unpick the stitches of any seams that have gone wrong. They're useful but sometimes it takes ages to get anywhere.

Here is a handy website page showing you a few different uses for the Unpicker.

Not only can it be used to un pick dodgy stitches, it can be used to tear through whole seams and can be used as a way to rip holes in the fabric to make things like button holes easier.

One thing it doesn't show, is that if you turn the Unpicker upside down (so the red ball is underneath the seam rather than on top) you can glide easily down a seam to rip it. I didn't realise this until last year and it has saved me hours and hours of sitting on the "Naughty Unpicking step".


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