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I haven't done one of these posts for a while but I'm going to try to make it more of a regular thing for all of the Sewing-Bees that follow my page.

Each week I will upload a Tip or an Info sheet with handy hints and cheats to help you sew more professionally.

Todays post is about all of the basic equipment you will need before you start to sew. I know the writing on this post is really tiny but most of the photos are self explanatory.

A few that you might not know are :

A Rotary Cutter - It looks a bit like a Pizza wheel, the blade locks into place to cut your fabric rather than scissors.

The different between Scissors and Shears -

Scissors can be used to cut paper or to trim loose threads.

Shears are the longer ones used to cut fabric (and ONLY fabric!) where you can use the length of the blade for longer cuts.

Sewing Gauge: A small ruler with a slider used to mark smaller measurements.

Let me know if you have any questions!


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