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Today we're going to talk about Buttonholes!

It's a common question that people ask. Which side do I sew them?

Men's button holes are sewn onto the left (for the wearer) and Women's button holes are sewn onto the right.

It's probably not something you think about when you're buttoning up a shirt, but I always have to stop and think twice when I start sewing.

I've never questioned why they're different until recently when I was reading an Article.

It all goes back to History and a couple of the theories are:

Men would typically be right handed and carry their weapons in their clothes and so having the buttons on the right would allow easier access to their guns or swords.

For Women, they would often have a maid to dress them and it would make it easier to do the buttons up if they were on the left. Buttons were very expensive at first and so often it would only be wealthy women who would wear button down garments.

Buttons were also so expensive that they were used more for decoration than fastenings. And they were often used as currency, if you ran out of money, you could pluck a button from your jacket and hand it over as money.

You may have also noticed the direction of button holes. This is subject to controversy but typically, button holes on lightweight garments such as shirts and dresses have vertical button holes. With the top button hole (at the neck) being horizontal to allow more movement and to stop the button popping out.

Heavier weight garments such as jackets (or even Pyjamas where you're moving around a lot in your sleep) have horizontal buttonholes to keep the buttons from popping open.

Just a few things to think about!

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