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Todays tip is such a simple one but will make all the difference when you are preparing your fabric for Dress Making.

Stay Stitching!

A "Stay Stitch" is when you sew along a curved or bias cut (diagonal) line of a pattern piece to prevent stretching when sewing.

It is a single row of stitching, done on your machine, close to the edge of your fabric to help the curve stay in place when you're constructing the garment later on.

It is an easy step to skip but it is worthwhile doing it for these simple reasons.

1. It helps keep the pattern piece in shape

2. It helps the overall drape of the fabric

3. No more stretched necklines / armholes

4. It doesn't take long

It also helps to make note of which direction you Stay Stitch in. Necklines and Hems going towards the bodice, shoulders going away and armholes or sides going downwards. This means the natural stretch of the fabric will all be equal and in the same direction.

It can also be used to keep pleats or tucks in place before sewing in properly later.

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