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Good Morning!

This week we're going to talk SCISSORS!

I know I mentioned them in passing last week and yes..they are only scissors. But there are so many different things worth knowing when you buy them.

I mainly have 3 different types of scissors (excluding my Story shaped embroidery scissors) and these are :

My Gold fabric Shears, my Blue Paper Scissors and my Kitchen Scissors.

A few things to consider when buying scissors is do you want shears or scissors? (Notice how the scissors have 2 equal holes for your fingers where the shears have a smaller hole for your thumb). Fabric scissors tend to be "shears" but there is absolutely nothing wrong with using "scissors" instead. It's all about what you're comfortable with.

Don't get a pair that's too weighty if you have small hands. It sounds crazy but your hands will get tired after long periods of cutting!

Try and go for an all metal pair as they blades are sharper.

The reason I have kitchen scissors is because they do make good all round scissors! Especially if you're a beginner, they're a good substitute for fabric scissors if you don't know what you're buying yet.

I've heard all sorts of horror stories about people's husbands stealing their fabric scissors to cut pizza and bacon..yes bacon! Could you imagine!

And remember the golden rule about fabric scissors. DON'T USE THEM TO CUT PAPER!

This will blunt the blade and overtime this will ruin them. I always have a small pair of paper scissors on stand by (blue!) when I was just starting out, I didn't know this tip and so I have ruined many a good pair that I delegate to become paper scissors. It's a tip worth knowing!

I have also included a little tips sheet for caring for your scissors. Yes, some of the information may seem like common sense but it's always good to know!

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