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Good Morning!

I'm re starting my "Tuesday Tips" weekly posts. Hopefully this time I can crack on without the interruption of Covid / Lockdown.

Each week I will post a Tip or some Advice related to Sewing. This could be a handy hint that I've picked up along the way or advice on how to Sew in a straight line or just a cheats way of getting neater Bias binding (we all want that..right!?

I'll start from the beginning for all of those new (or new ish) to Sewing. Some of you may have taken it up as a NY resolution. Or 2020 might have fried your brains so you're looking for a refresher!! There's no harm in learning something new is there, even if it's just a quick 30 second tip.

So this week I thought we'd talk SEWING MACHINES!

Because we can't Sew without one!

I've been sewing since I was about 11/12 and this is my 5th Sewing machine. It's a Singer Promise and you might be surprised to notice something about it...It's NOT fancy!

I use my machine probably 6 days a week and you probably expected something a little bit more technical looking. Well it's not! Mine actually comes under the "Basic Machines" part of the hobby craft website.

As good as these all singing, all dancing machines are (and I do also own one of those!) when I'm dress making, I just want something basic. Something easy to use, long lasting and does exactly what I need it to. And that's to Sew in a straight line with a few fancier stitches thrown in, make button holes and not tangle up underneath every 5 minutes. This machine is a really good machine for that. There is also a "Singer Simple", a "Janome 4400" and a "Brother LS14S" that does exactly that too.

Basically what I'm saying is that you don't have to have a really fancy or really expensive Sewing Machine to get started. A lot of the ladies who first come to my classes have borrowed their Gran or their Mum's machines. Often the older machines are the better ones because they don't "Make them like they used to!". They might be a lot heavier to carry or have dials in different places but I promise they work the same.

Sewing machine shopping can be an actual Minefield. But once you've found the perfect one, you're good to go! (A bit like dating I suppose!)

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