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Happy Tuesday!

It's just a quick post today but one that should come in handy for future projects.

When I started out sewing, I knew nothing about fabrics..And I mean NOTHING!

I bought books and read up on all the different types, but it didn't really make a difference. The best way is to experiment!

Different fabrics have different properties and therefore different uses.

(There's a reason jeans are made from denim and not chiffon, and why T-shirts are made from Jersey and not denim etc). It's good to have a play around and see what suits you!

Here's a really quick guide to explain the best fabrics for basic items. It's fairly self explanatory but is good to have on standby for a new sew-er to have a read of.

I will be talking in more detail about fabrics in a future post to keep your eyes peeled!

Happy Sewing!

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