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#Tuesday Tips

I found this great article about Sewing Hacks (or lifestyle hacks in general) and thought I would share a few tips with you.

These are some of the most common problems people struggle with in my Sewing Classes.

1. Use a rubber band to tie 2 pencils together to mark seam allowance onto a pattern. This works if you have 1cm S/A and it keeps the correct distance all the way around.

2. *For anyone struggling with sewing in a straight line*

Fit an elastic band around the base of your Sewing Machine and use this as an edge to line your fabric up against. The band can me moved each time and it ensures you get a straight stitch. Most machines do have markers on the foot plate but these often get covered up by your fabric and they're only easy to follow if you have perfect vision!

3. Use Clothes pegs instead of Sewing pegs. Sewing pegs are cheap enough to buy but sometimes you run out or could do with bigger ones for heavier fabrics.

All of these hacks were found from the following website.

I will be uploading more in the coming weeks. If you have any hacks that you find handy, feel free to share!

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