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Spring/ Summer 2021 Fashion Trends

Here they are! A little sneak peek into what we SHOULD be wearing this SS. (No Pyjamas in sight!)

I although I am a follower of fashion, I'm not necessarily a follower of trends. I tend to wear what I like rather than what I read that I should be wearing. But that doesn't mean I don't like a good nosey through fashion magazines to see what's "in".

So this Season we've got...


They tend to come in each Spring with subtle changes from the year before. This year, they aren't so fitted and restrictive. Which ties in nicely with the "Cut out" trend and "Midriff flossing" (more of that later!)


There is nothing comfy about a corset so this is probably the most impractical trend but these were seen at Vivienne Westwood, Alexander McQueen and Moschino's Shows this year.

Maxi Dresses:

Anything floor length, in particularly floor length, floaty gowns, as seen on Dior, Valentino and Michael Kors Catwalks. I'm never one who can pull off this trend because of my height but I do like a good Midi Dress. "sheer styles will confer on their wearer a glamorous cocktails-on-the-Riviera-terrace status – even if the only foreseeable sundowner is a mojito in a tin on a high-rise city balcony". LOVE THIS!


"In a world with no simple answers or even straightforward questions, designers showed a predilection for black and white – most often, together"

Living Room Disco:

Move over florals, this has got to be my favourite Fashion trend this Season. I love that Vogue has acknowledged the fact we're all stuck at home and given us the nod for this "relaxed glamour". We're talking ballgowns to watch TV in and Sparkly tracksuit bottoms. I like to think of this as "Lockdown Chic"

Lady with a twist:

Also "Lockdown Chic" this is for all this women who want to give the illusion that they're dressed up, yet can't really be bothered! We're talking floral dresses with bomber jackets, parkas and rucksacks thrown over the top. Plus a good old pair of socks and sandals!

There are many, many more including Capes, Wide leg trousers, Stripes and "Midriff Flossing" (wearing string that resembles dental floss wrapped around your midriff) - no, I'm not joking!

These are just my personal highlights. I'm not sure how well I can pull off floor length or a corset but I can definitely do sequins with a hoodie over the top!

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