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My Basic Sewing Kit..

So you've visited, found NatashaMakes and want to start sewing. Fab!

All you need is a few items and you are good to go.

Let me talk you through the basics before we begin.

Before starting to make, you need a good pair of Fabric scissors. These don't need to be expensive, (though there are some very expensive ones out there!) Mine cost around £20 and have lasted years. The ones I have are 25cm in length, with the blade being 11cm of this. It is important to remember to try them out before you buy, the last thing you want is a heavy pair that gives you hand - ache when you're cutting!

Although you can get really good paper scissors, it is important that they are for cutting fabric.

Embroidery Scissors:

These are the orange pair that are shaped like a butterfly. You can pick these up for about £3 from anywhere in almost any design. These are useful for trimming loose threads or unpicking mistakes (if and when they happen!)

A Unpicker:

This is the little green tool on the right. Similar to the embroidery scissors - it is handy o have if you make a mistake.


It is impossible to dress-make without a set of pins. These need to be stainless steel and around 3cm in length works best, with a flat head. These will become your best friend!

A Tape Measure:

Mine actually came out of a Christmas Cracker! And I have had it years. It is a standard one which goes up to 150cm which is good for all my uses.


I am a huge fan of hand sewing and so I would be lost without a pack of hand sewing needles.

And last but not least..Thread. Any thready will do, I work with polyester thread as it is what my machine prefers. Either that or cotton! You can pick up a spool or bobbin from any haberdashery shop.

There are extras you may need and I will talk about them as and when we may need them.

Until now, this is all you need to start sewing!

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