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#MarchMeetTheMaker - Day 4


Day 4 - On my Desk

I promised during last years #MeetheMaker that I would give you a tour around my Sewing Room. That has never happened! Mainly because since moving in 12 months ago, I have not stopped! (that really isn't a complaint and I am so thankful that I am busy!) But it does mean that I constantly have different projects on the go so there is never a time that I don't have piles of paperwork/ masks/ alterations / clothing piled up in every corner. Every time I go to tidy it, something else comes up. Which is great! Because a tidy sewing room would make a very quiet and boring one!

So today I am showing you what is on my desk...

I am so proud of my Sewing room. I absolutely LOVE it! It looks like the inside of my brain. Flamingos, fabric, rainbows, mermaids, glitter, fruit, racks of clothing and too many thoughts for it ever to be neat!

My desk is never tidy because it's always in use. But here is a sneak peek of my corner desk and Sewing Station. I have a peg board which is filled with all the equipment I need to grab at a moments notice, plus my size guides and pen pot. My Sewing box is a purple sparkly caddy which is underneath a basket full of my current "work in progress" projects. I have an orange tool tidy which is full of buttons and fastenings that I was gifted. And I have my favourite - my spool tidy! Meaning my threads can be organised into rainbow colours!

And of course, my beloved Sewing Machine and Overlocker. Where would I be without those!

The thing that is on my desk that I am currently working on, may just look like a pile of denim scraps to you...but they are the beginnings of several new Denim Whales for the SEDNA project I am working on with my friend Sarah. This is my current project that I am working on as we speak!

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