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#MarchMeetTheMaker - Day 11


Day 11 - Portrait

I absolutely hate having my photo taken, unless it's as part of a group where I can hide at the back. But today is about "portrait" and I couldn't not share a picture of myself.

This photo was taken on my Best Friends Hen Do just over a year ago, and I look more like "Me" than I have in a long time.

Gone are the heel & dress wearing days with my hair done and pink lipstick on (you can't wear lipstick with a mask so that's my trademark gone!) And what you can't see from this pic is that I am holding a leopard print clutch bag and a mask of the Groom to be's face! And the pink isn't a background, it's a super high backed chair! Oh, I can't wait to dress up and go out again!

Here's a few random facts about me that you may or may not be interested in.

I like reading, painting, baking and running. But I wish I had time to do more of each. And it goes without saying that I LOVE Sewing.

I hate bad manners, won't watch Sci Fi films, I don't read newspapers and have never tried a cup of coffee! Though I do like the smell.

My favourite colour is purple (there isn't a bad shade of purple is there!)

I am a Cancerian (Hard on the outside, squashy on the inside - so they say!)

My Lock Down 3 resolution was to read more, and that I have! I am currently on my 3rd book of the year which is good going for me! I have a bit of a weird obsession with books about ghosts and witch trials.

If I'm not reading, I'm probably watching the soaps. (Not Eastenders!)

And if it's not the soaps, it's most definitely a period drama!

I am convinced I was born in the wrong century. If I wasn't born in 1992, I reckon I would have made a good Victorian Lady or a 1920's flapper girl.

I am obsessed with flowers. Dom just doesn't understand my obsession but it's the smell and the colour!! I love them and can not walk past a garden centre without buying something!

I love the smell of old books (but not new!)

Although I have barely ever read a newspaper, I do love trashy gossip mags. I know they're terrible but I don't know what it is, I just can't help myself!

My down fall is biscuits, crisps or popcorn. I would eat all 3 for breakfast, dinner and tea.

Yes, it is Breakfast, Dinner and Tea. I am very Northern and proud of it.

I barely drink but I do LOVE a good Pimms! All year round, it doesn't have to be Summer!

I love dogs, probably more than people.

I don't like Dairy products but I bloody love cheese!! Even smelly cheese!

That's just a bit about me!

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