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#MarchMeetTheMaker - Day 10


Day 10 - Detail

I am a stickler for detail! Even with my own personal style of dressing, my outfit might not be the most adventurous but sometimes it's all in the accessories!

When it comes to The Pink Flamingo, I have a few details that I always carry out to make sure it's a Pink Flamingo product.

First of all, it's POM POMS!

It wouldn't be mind if it didn't have a pom pom or a tassel on it. I mainly use white pompoms although I do have a stash of every colour under the sun. White is classic and goes with everything. I'm always frightened of picking a colour that goes against the print of the fabric so white is the way forward, to let the print do the talking. White is timeless and clean and also a nod to the Sportwear vibe I like to venture towards.

Next is thread - it's rare that I would sew something in any colour other than white. Again, this is a subtle detail that probably hasn't ever been noticed but I like a bold topstitch (again, a nod towards sportwear) and the white thread matches the white pompoms.

Lastly it's Tags - I designed my labels myself and each item has a hand sewn label at the neck or waistband. I also have little flamingos printed onto my wash labels. Lets face it, It wouldn't be a Pink Flamingo product without a Flamingo on the label!

When I buy from a small business (or any business to be honest), I like that sense of things feeling personalised and made just for me. I always try and customise my orders where possible, by always leaving a hand written note in with the packaging and where possible, include their name on the feedback card and hanging tag.

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