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Day 8: #LoveToMake

I do apologise, I was away on a Hen weekend and so I couldn't post yesterday, so Today's post is yesterday and later on I will do todays!

This came at the perfect time actually because I'm going to think outside the box for this one. I was recently involved in recording (my first ever) Podcast with the The Branding Man for a feature called "My Career Story". We Chatted over a brew and discussed all sorts of things, including how and why I started The Pink Flamingo and What I #LoveToMake.

It actually really helped to put things in perspective and on days when it seems like nothing is going right, chats like this make me realise how far I've come. So instead of showing you something today, why not give it a listen. (I do apologise for my really REALLY Northern Accent)

Listen Here:

I do also suggest that you give Steve's page a follow as every week he has all sorts of people on his podcast, sharing their story of how their careers started.

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