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Day 7 #You

I'll keep it short and sweet. For those that don't know already, I am Natasha and I run The Pink Flamingo Designs.

I've been running it for coming up 5 years and I hand-make all my items including accessories and Children's wear.

I also work at Spar (Day Job!) which I love and it means I can fit it around my Sewing / Classes.

I have just bought my first house which I am just settling into, although the boxes of stuff all over my living room are doing my head in a bit...Probably need to get those sorted.

I’m obsessed with Flamingoes, Mermaids and all things Glittery!

When I'm not Sewing ( you'll probably find me in Spar!) But when I'm not Sewing OR in Spar, I'm probably out for a run, I'm training for a 10k at the minute which I'll be doing in May with Dom, my Sister and my Dad. I've done 3 Half Marathons but this year I'm doing the 10k instead, which works out better because I just haven't had the time to train for the Half.

If I'm not running, or out walking George (my families French Bulldog)

If I'm not doing any of the above, I'll be watching Period Drama, not everyone knows this but Downton Abbey, Pride and Predjudice, you name it, I've watched (or read) it. I always joke that I think I was born into the wrong century!

I like Pub Quizzes, (My specialist subject is celebs after years of reading Heat Magazine!) I love Shopping and I'm always up for Going out, It doesn't have to be "Out Out" - just anywhere that leads to an adventure!

And when I'm not doing any of that, I'm probably at home, PJs on, watching Corrie and flicking through a rubbish Gossip Magazine!

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