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Day 16 - From the Archive

I was scrolling through my old photos looking for something fitting to post and this one jumped out at me straight away because it was such a big deal at the time.

It scares me to say that this particular project is coming up 6 years ago this Summer, and looking back, I had only started The Pink Flamingo in July and this project came about in the September. One of the things I love most about what I do is that no two projects are the same and I never know what idea someone is going to approach me with. This one was a bride - to - be in America who wanted 18 pairs of shorts making to be worn by her and the ladies at her Hen Party. She'd seen a fabric in America that wasn't available in the UK so she shipped the fabric over to me (which was a big task in itself with all the customs and VAT etc) and I set to work on making 18 matching pairs of shorts, all custom made with each of the Ladies' measurements. They took me a few weeks to make before I shipped them back over to her in time for her wedding (I barely slept until I knew they'd arrived safely!)

This was such an important project because it was the biggest project I had done so far and I felt a massive sense of responsibility. Looking back on the fact I had only started my business 3 months before, I will always remember this project for sentimental reasons. A few weeks later she sent me this fab photo of all of the ladies and it's hung up in my Sewing Room to remind me of this project.

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