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Day 4 is #Branding 🦩

I'll keep it fairly short and show you instead.

It took me a while to decide on my branding because I wanted something that was smart but not overly girly. The bright shade of blue is reference to the sky and sea, as you often see photos of flamingoes on the beach....and who doesn't want to be reminded of the beach!? And I couldn't not include pink! 🦩 🌊

I send out a few different things in each parcel that I post. ✉️ Each clothing item comes with a Handmade Tag (which I make!) which features my branding on the front and social media links on the back, if possible I always print the buyers name on the plain side of the tag, because it's always nice to have something personalised!

I then include 2 business cards, one is my card with all my social media links and the other is a "Flamingo Feedback" card. Asking the buyer to leave me some feedback or contact me if there is an issue.

Feedback of any kind if definitely vital to a business but the positive reviews are the things that make new customers want to buy something.

In each item of clothing, I also machine sew a tag which features my logo and website, which was a handy tip I learned from someone years ago, if the sew in tag features my website address, it's instantly accessible to a potential new customer, They can go online and visit for themselves! 💕🧵

#makerslife #smallbusiness #pinkflamingo #etsyseller #etsyuk #instagramchallenge #handmadebusiness #madeincumbria #etsymadeincumbria #marchmeetthemaker2020

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