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Day 31: #FAQ🦩

Today is the last "MeetTheMaker" post. I have really enjoyed doing them, not only because it's given me something to focus on everyday for the pasty few weeks, but its given me a direction to my recent posts. Hopefully you've enjoyed reading them and I've noticed that I've gained a few new followers! But it also gives you a bit of background on "The Pink Flamingo" and me as a person! 🙋🏼‍♀️

Today's topic is FAQs, I do get asked a certain few questions over and over so I will try and answer them here.

Q1. Why Sewing? 🧵 Because I love it! As much as I love drawing, painting, baking (generally making a mess!) Sewing is the one that gets me out of bed in a morning. I love starting with a piece of fabric and ending up with a finished item!

Q2. Do I sell online? 💻 Yes! I mainly sell online. My Christmas Markets and Prom Art etc are just an extra to get my shop front out there. But I work from home and so most of my sales are online. 🛍

I have at Etsy Shop:

and a Website:

Q3. Do I make Children's wear? Menswear? 👶🏻👧🧒🏽 Yes. This was something that developed over night due to requests for matching outfits for the whole family. (The Americans love it!) I am slowly building up my Children's wear section and I have a couple of shirts and shorts for Men. But that doesn't mean that I don't take requests, if you want something , just ask!

Q4. Do I take requests? Of course I do!! I love a challenge and part of the reason why I love this is because you never know what idea is going to appear in my inbox. I'm always willing to give an idea a go even if it's completely new to me. It's nice to have other projects to work on.

Q5. Do I Make to Order? 👗 ✂️ Yes. I used to try and make everything in one of each size but it just didn't work! I realise people wanted things customising so I started to make one of everything, photograph it, list it on my website with all it's options and then just make items when the orders came in. It saved me time and effort and meant I could get on with other things.

Q6. What sizes do you go up to? Mens : XS-XXL Childrens : 6-9m - 11 years Womens : Size 4 - 28 Because I realised that everyone comes in different shapes and sizes and I want to cater for everyone! I prefer to work from measurements too so basically, I make for any size.

Q7. Do I teach Sewing Classes? ❤️ Yes I do! And I absolutely love them! I have had to put them on hold for the time being (and I did have another beginners class pencilled in for April) but once we're back up and running, I'll just reschedule them all to fit everyone in.

It's not too late to come and join! If you've always wanted to learn how to sew, maybe now (after isolation!) is the time!

Thank you so much for reading my #MarchMeetTheMaker Posts. I have loved writing them and I will be carrying on to a certain degree. It's given me the confidence to open up and share info and ideas with you. It even gave me the confidence to post a video!!🥳

I'm thinking of posting more video posts and keeping this going as a regular thing. Plus virtual Sewing classes and Ideas for makes.

Keep following and invite your friends!

If you have any questions, fire away!

Stay safe everyone! 🥰

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