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Day 29: #SelfPromotion

What the hell does that mean? 😆

I've been trying to do these posts without copying other peoples ideas. And trying to write them how I interpret the prompt / #.

I'm not really one for bigging myself up or wanting to be the centre of attention or even one for #selfpromotion but I am one for chucking myself in at the deep end and hoping for the best. I set up this business nearly 5 years ago and it started with one pair of shorts and almost over night became a business. was 4 months into my business before I even realised I'd started one! And even though it's tough at times, no more so than at the minute with all the uncertainty surrounding small businesses, I wouldn't change it for the world, and I certainly wouldn't give up...EVER! 💪🏼🦩

If there's one thing I am, it's determined (....some might even say stubborn 😏😉) and at times like this, you need to fight for what's yours.

This quote is an important one for me because what's the worst that's going to happen? Life's too short, just go for it! ❤️

#selfpromotion #makerslife #handmadebusiness #smallbusiness #pinkflamingo #sewing #etsyuk #madeincumbria #marchmeetthemaker2020

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