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Yesterday, Day 28:#Planning

Those of you that know me, know that I love a good plan! Nothing ever goes to plan, but I like to have a plan in place anyway!🤓

I am forever making lists and never finishing them, so I just add my old list onto my new list!📝😆

As for planning and being organised with "The Pink Flamingo", I do like to have a routine and a schedule in place, but that does have to be flexible because odd jobs and work always crop up. So I do try and plan my week with enough free time to fit in blog posts, social media posts, my Sewing Classes, existing orders and any new orders that might appear as the week goes on. Plus any extra shifts that I might get called into Spar to do, Because you just never know!🦩🧵⏰

In the recent months (with the house), all paper work and new projects got put on hold because I was so busy doing DIY jobs. But now we're settled in and nearly back to some sort of normality, I am trying to plan my time so I have an hour each week to do blog posts, make a new item, list future items ready to sell in the coming weeks, get organised for my sewing classes etc..that way I'm not leaving everything until the last minute!

That's the Plan anyway!


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