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Day 27: #FutureGoals 🌈

This seems so surreal to even be thinking about the future when everything is so uncertain.

I have always used to want my own Sewing Shop, a proper "Shop Front" and a place to call my own. Running my Pop up Shop back in 2016 was fun but it did make me realise how unpredictable the High Street is. Which is why I concentrate on my Markets and Online Sales. I am more than happy with my "Sewing Room" for the time being. I've finally got a place where I can make mess and everything is just how I want it!

I have Flamingo Wall Paper, A peg board, A "Wall of Fame" and a cupboard full of rolls of fabric and everything to keep me inspired! 🦩💕🍉🧵

Right now when I think of my "Future Goals", I just want to carry on! I just want to get out of this madness with my business still intact with a view to be bigger and better than ever. And hopefully that can happen! 🙏🏻

In the mean time, if you want to follow along with my Business Updates, Feel free to follow me on INSTA: @thepinkflamingodesigns

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