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Day 3 is #TIME, ⏰ which I was a bit stuck on what to post until I saw 's post and thought "that's me!"

Time is something I struggle with, A LOT!

I never have enough of it and for the past 6 months or so especially (with buying the house and doing it up etc) I haven't had time to do anything, except work and DIY. But hopefully things will begin to settle down now and I'll get back into some sort of routine. 🏠

But because I am a "One Woman Band", like a lot of small business owners, I do struggle with my work / life balance. Because if I'm not working, I'm not earning any money!

I am lucky in the way that I do also have a day job, but that's also hard to fit my Sewing around sometimes. And so finding time to have a day off sometimes doesn't happen.And also, because I work from home a few days a week, (The days that I'm not at Spar) I'm sure those that also work from home will agree with me on this one. I get the impression that some people think I'm sat with my feet up, with a brew, binge watching Hollyoaks. If only that were true! 🤣 📺So my post today is all about #Time, and how I'm sure people think I spend it!

I'm sure I should have added "Painting my Nails", "Reading Magazines" and "Pinterest" to it too. 📚💅🏻I wouldn't change The Pink Flamingo for the world, but my aim now I'm in the house is to settle back into a routine, after months of chaos! And to get my work / life balance back to some sort of normality.

🦩💕PS - if you do fancy giving my Insta a nosey, it is @ThePinkFlamingoDesigns

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