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  1. #MarchMeetTheMaker

Day 13 : USP

It wasn't until a year or so into The Pink Flamingo that I realise what my USP was. And it was so obvious!

"Made to Order" Clothing!

Which means that I make every item from scratch so I can fit the customers requirements.

Body Shape :

I offer a range from UK Size 4-28+ which means there is a size to fit everyone.


I prefer to work from basic measurements so I can fit the shorts to the wearer, rather than the other way around. Because I sell a lot over seas, this stops the language barrier of different countries having different sizing methods.


Most of my shorts come with some sort of "Trim" or "Finishing", be is Lace or Ribbon or my beloved Pom Poms. I know that not everyone wants this so I offer a "Plain Hem" where I can for those that just wan't the shorts without the fuss.


Where I can, I also offer a range of colours in the fabrics. This isn't possible for every fabric, it just depends what is available to me, but I do try and offer different colour ways if I can.


I am a big fan of "High Waisted" but I know that the customers who prefer to wear my shorts to the beach, prefer "Low Waisted" so i offer 3 x styles of fit to suit the needs of all of my wearers.


I am also happy to mix and match fabrics. Say if you like a pair of shorts in a blue floral print, but you like the style of those shorts but want them in a floral pink print instead. With Black Pom Poms, rather than the white I have listed. That's absolutely fine..I can do that!

I like working this way because it means that most orders aren't the same. I like to wear things that are Unique and can be dressed up in different ways so why not offer the same to my customers?

You wouldn't get that on the High Street!

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