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2020 wasn't the best for any of us (some worse than others!) but we're all here and we've got to be proud of the fact that we made it through....somehow!

I'm going into 2021 optimistic. (It's either that or cry!)

I love the whole New Year, New Start thing and I'm grateful for the fact that I still have a job, my Sewing Order list is full and I'm happy and healthy.

I'm planning on spending the first part of this year getting out walking and eventually back running again. Taking in the local scenery and exploring new places where I can.

As far as The Pink Flamingo goes, I am gutted that I can't re start my Sewing classes just yet but fingers crossed for a few months time.

I have lots of orders, new projects and new designs lined up. I have my brand new pile of fabrics just for 2021 that I can't wait to make a new range out of for Spring / Summer. I am planning a new nightwear / underwear range in pastel colours ready for the Spring.

And by the end of January, I will be ready to share a new collaboration project with you. Another project where some of the proceeds go to Charity (and no, it's not masks!!)

I am also in the middle of giving my website a re vamp and planning new blog post ideas so there will be more of that as January unfolds.

Other than that, we've just got to stay calm, keep our chin up, try and be optimistic and make the most of a bad situation.

#smallbusiness #sewing #handmade #countourblessings #January #NewMonth #NewYear

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