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A few weeks ago I posted a sketch of Iris Apfel for my #OutfitOfTheWeek post. Well I'm not done with Iris and her fabulous outfits just yet and I wanted to show you some more.

For those of you who missed that post, Iris is 99, she was born in Queen's New York to a Jewish family, she is a business woman, interior designer and most importantly, a fashion icon! A 99 year old fashion icon! In a world of young, skinny models, isn't that amazing!

She married her late husband in 1948 and 2 years later they set up their own textile firm. Throughout their career they took on several restoration projects at the White house for 9 presidents. They both began traveling all over the world and Iris began buying pieces of non-Western, artisanal clothes. She wore these clothes to clients' high-society parties and that's how she became a style icon. In 2016 she launched a Jewellery range and in 2018 published a book entitled Iris Apfel :Accidental Icon. This was the same year that Mattel produced a Barbie of her and she became the oldest person to have a Barbie in her image.

She is known for her round, thick rimmed glasses and her bright coloured and statement jewellery. Here are just a few photos I found but there are hundreds more.

I think she's Great! If I'm half as FABULOUS as she is at her age, I'd be very happy indeed!

#smallbusiness #sewing #fashion #handmade #style #stylestatement #photograph #styleicon

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