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How To: Mask Make


I have been busy mask making, it's a good way to use up any unwanted scraps of cotton fabric and to give to those in need of help!

Please note: I have taken these mask patterns and ideas from a mixture of Youtube videos and by looking at a medical mask in person. These are great for anyone who wants extra cover whilst out and about/doing your daily exercise / nipping to the shops. But they are not tested medical masks!! I have simply just used the idea from a youtube video for anyone isolated at home and wanting a bit of protection for when you need to go out and about. Or anyone just in need of something to do / sew!

The Youtube Videos I watched:

They're really easy and fun to make and they literally take around 10-15 mins. I've tried to include photos to make it easier! These are in the status above.

I have made 2 different types of mask.

First type: With elasticated ear loops (blue floral/flamingo)

Second type : With ribbons to tie behind your head (yellow and blue floral)

Cutting Out: (for both designs) Cut your fabric panels 9x7" (x2) with 7" elastic (0.25" wide) You need some kind of filter, interfacing is good. Or a thin cotton (similar to the type of fabric you get on a cushion inner) something that can act as a barrier between the printed fabric layers.

First Type: Place both fabrics together, right sides facing in, with the filter underneath the bottom layer. Sandwich your elastic in 2 loops, between the 2 printed fabric panels. Pin both ends of the elastic in place, on both sides of the panels.

Once pinned, sew all the way around rectangle, trapping all 4 layers together, including the elastic. Leave a 2" gap along the bottom edge (for turning)

Once sewn, trim the corners off and turn the fabric inside out. Press flat. Turn the 2" opening in and topstitch the bottom edge to close this 2" gap.

Iron/ use a ruler and chalk to mark your fabric in half, and then use this mark to iron it into quarters. Use these iron / chalk marks to pleat your mask. Some masks have 3 pleats and some have 2. This is up to you. (mine have 3)

Pin the pleats in place along both sides. Before sewing the pleats in place. Remove the pins.

Iron your mask flat, front and back.


Second Type : No elastic, just side ties.

Cut your fabric panel out the same as above, and instead of elastic, cut out your ribbon / binding to 110cm lengths (x2)

Take your fabric panels, place them right sides facing out, with a filter fabric in between. Pin in Place and then sew all the way around. You don't need to leave a gap because you don't need to turn them inside out on this one.

Once sewn, create the pleats in the same way as above, and sew in place.

Once the pleats are sewn, get a length of binding (x2) the height of your pleated panel and bind both sides (the shorter sides).

Once you've bound the sides, find the half way point of one of your 110cm lengths, and match it up with half way along your mask / panels longest edge. Pin and sew the binding along this edge, you can sew the full 110cm or just sew the binding to the mask and leave the rest of the binding / ribbon loose. (see pics)

Repeat on the bottom edge. It is always easier to sew binding from the side which will be the front of your mask, just so this is the neater side when worn.

Trim off any loose threads and cut the raw edges of the ribbons.

Well Done!

Like i said at the top, these aren't medical masks, just for anyone who wants a bit of extra protection when out and about (out and about as infrequently as possible!) But there are people who need these masks and so why not make some to help a few people in need. Plus they might cheer the place up a bit!

I have a few of these masks already made up as my practise runs so if you want one, just let me know. And if you need any help with the making, just let me know also!

#sewing #isolation #helpingpeople #maskmaking

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