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#H is for Handkerchief

#H is for Handkerchief..

As I missed #TuesdayTips yesterday, I thought I would share a really quick make with you. These are simple and easy to make for any sew-er, especially beginners.


You will need:

Fabric (any print, weight, style - cotton works well)

A sewing Machine

An overlocker isn't a must, but it's good if you have one.


A tape Measure

(You can also use pins to pin your fabric into place but it may not be needed on this small project)


Choose your fabric and cut it to the size you need. These particular handkerchiefs were a customer order and so these were 6x6" and 8x8". I would recommend the 8" as a good size.

It doesn't have to be a square and can be any shape and size you like.

I like to leave a 0.5" seam allowance around all 4 sides of the shape which will be explained in the next step.


Over lock each of the 4 edges of the handkerchief. This is where the 0.5" seam allowance comes in handy for any mistakes/ extra room you may need.

Remember that overlockers do trim off the excess edge and so your seam allowance will be cut off and you will be left with a nice neat overlocked edge.

*If you don't have an overlocker, this doesn't matter!Still cut out with your excess seam allowance and fold over the edges twice to hide the raw edge. This is where you may need to pin / or iron the raw edges into place so they don't ping up when sewing them.

Top stitching!

Use your sewing machine to Topstitch the overlocked edge / folded edge down. I find it helps to sew with the wrong side of the hankie facing up so you can make sure you have a neat edge. Use the ruler on the sewing machine and the foot as a guide to make sure your hem is straight and the same width.

Chop off any loose threads / overlocker threads.

Give your hankies a quick iron and you are good to go!

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