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February Catch Up..

I thought I'd start the month with a little catch up of what I've been on with during the past few weeks.

2021 has been okay so far and I decided at the beginning of lockdown to throw myself into work. I can't go anywhere so I may as well Sew my way through lockdown no#443 and get myself organised for when we can all get our lives back!


I started the month by re vamping my Website. It often gets neglected in favour of Etsy but at the moment, it is in the best shape of it's life! It's if you want to go and have a nosey!

I uploaded new items and had a general tidy up so it resembles something I am proud of rather than embarrassed about now!


I am still Mask Making for anyone who needs it and I have a lovely range of pretty Spring Floral masks due for uploading in a couple of weeks. I am still making my NHS Rainbow masks and donating 20% of these to the NHS alongside my pin badges and button headbands.


January saw me start a new project where I collaborated with my friend Sarah to upcycle used jeans into Denim whales. I only launched these last week and we have had 6 orders already which I am so pleased about! This will be a long running project so visit my website (under Shop - Sedna Fundraiser) for more info. 20% of these sales will be going straight to Sarah's Trip to the Arctic!


January is usually a quiet month for me and I expected nothing different this year. I have had a steady stream of orders which has kept me "nicely busy" (alongside work, life and everything else!) I have still got lots of orders still in progress so thank you to everyone who placed an order or even just visited my Etsy Shop!

Here's to a better February!

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