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Adopt a Whale Today!

I have been busy upcycling Denim Sea Creatures from unworn pairs of jeans. What better way to stop them going to landfill?

They started off as whales but my custom orders have seen me make Turtles, Sharks and even a Clam Shell.

Follow the link to see the full range of Whales available to buy:

Each Sea Creature is handmade from a pair of jeans and comes ready named with an adoption card that gives you more info on where the proceeds are going.

My friend Sarah has been selected to take part in a trip to the Arctic this November. Here she will join a team of very talented women from all across the globe to undergo research into our Oceans.

The proceeds from my Denim makes are going straight towards funding for Sarah's Trip.

I am uploading new designs weekly. Each design is completely unique so you have to act fast!

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