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5 Minute Make - Scrunchies


Today I thought I’d try something different and video a 5 minute make.

Today we’re making scrunchies!!

Made from 1 strip of fabric and 1 length of elastic.

Cut your fabric to 4" by 22". Any fabric works but I am using a classic shirting cotton because I love the print.

Turn each end in by 1cm and sew close to the edge.

Fold the fabric (right sides together) and sew along the long edge from top to bottom.

Turn the tube inside out so the right side is facing out.

Take your elastic (7" long) and thread the end onto a safety pin.

Make sure you secure the end before the elastic pops back through. Thread the elastic through to the other end of the tube. Unsecure the first end and take hold of both ends of elastic.

Tie them in a secure knot and cut the ends.

Tuck one end of the tube inside the other and machine sew down the width of the tube to fasten the ends closed.

All Done!

You are ready to wear with pride.

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