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It's nice to start the day with some good feedback from Happy Customers! 😃 ☀️😷

I am glad to be able to help out with sore ears! These products are available in several colours on my Etsy shop and Website.

I have made over £100 so far for the NHS, and that is just from cash donations (I haven't counted up the online sales yet!!) ❤️💰

Thank you to everyone who has bought one, it's so good when everyone can come together to do their bit to help! 👏🏻🌈

I must mention though, If you do buy one and aren't happy with the choice of fabric you select, (they are made from either spandex or cotton jersey) I will not be issuing refunds as this money is going to charity. These items are practical items made to help the Key workers, they are not a fashion statement. 😆

Thanks, Natasha ❤️

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