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500+ Masks!

At the end of March, I decided to start making masks.

I agreed I would be happy if I made 10, meaning I had helped keep 10 people safe!

I’ve finally gotten around to doing a final count up of all the masks I have made. I would have guessed between 250-300.

I was wrong!

It’s actually no less than 505!!

(there’s others that I will have forgotten to count!)

That’s not including the scrubs and NHS bunting that I’ve been churning out!

I’ve also raised £352 for the NHS

And £80 for “Mind”

So today, I am very happy with myself!

Lockdown has been hard on all of us, some days I felt like I was drowning in masks and that I’d never get to the bottom of my to do list. I was going to work and being shouted at, and still coming home and making masks in my spare time.

I’m just happy I could do my bit!

#smallbusiness #charity #doingmybit #nhs #maskmaking #sewing

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