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M is for #May

Good Morning!


Sorry for the lateness of this post. Happy May!


April was a weird one wasn't it! Spring is my favourite time of year and this year it's just been bypassed and I couldn't really have cared less about Easter.


Who know's what May is going to bring?

Here's a few photos of things to cheer us all up and brighten the place up!


I know there's speculation of whether lock down is going to be lifted this coming week, and as shop worker that worries me massively because I've seen the way people have flouted the rules over the past 6 weeks as it is!

But won't it be great when we can all go out again and do all of the things we would normally take for granted!

But there's no rush to get back to "normal" if it isn't safe. Every time someone ignores the rules, it's a massive kick in the teeth for the NHS and all of the Key Workers (and everyone who has been abiding by those rules).


Let's all do as we're told for a bit longer, and then when it's safe, we can all go out and enjoy the world again!!


#smallbusiness #May #newmonth #rainbows #thepinkflamingo #photos



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