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Happy Easter! 🥚 🐰 ☀️

I hope everyone had a good one and was able to enjoy it as best as possible!

I was working all weekend so haven't even had time to look at my eggs, let alone break into them. But I'll try and do that today! 🍫

Just to let you know that posts will be quieter over the next week, but I do promise to do another video Post as soon as I can. 😀

I am working most days in Spar and on the days/ hours that I am not working, I am like a one woman sweatshop! Making masks, headbands and now SCRUBS! Something that is tiring me out but I am proud to say that I am doing my bit! 💪🏼🧵

I currently have a list of 61 masks and headbands to make and that is going up daily! But I am sewing as fast as I can, so thank you for your patience and support! ❤️

Speak soon, I am now off to Sew! 🧵

#smallbusiness #pinkflamingo #doingmybit #keyworker #happyeaster

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