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I’ve been busy making fabric masks for anyone who needs them. 🧵💕😷

I’ve sent a few off to a friend where they will be put to good use in hospital. And I have also been making them for friends and family.

They are good for anyone whose wanting a bit of extra protection whilst out and about, getting groceries or doing their daily exercise. 🏃‍♀️

I’m not selling them, I’m asking for a donation which I will be giving to charity once the madness is over.

They don’t have to all be pink and flowery, I can make for men / kids too. 🤣

If you or anyone you know could do with one, let me know! 😄💕

#staysafe everyone! It’s so important that you stay inside and only go out when you absolutely have to!

#smallbusiness #pinkflamingo #doingmybit #fabric #sewing

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