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Day 26th: #ThisorThat

Today is a bit of a random one, what does "This and That" mean? But I thought I would tie it in with the Blog post I had lined up for today anyway. Because it's fair to say, my Etsy shop is full of "This and That!"

Not only do I love Sewing, but I love to share my love of Sewing! ❤️🧵

Since I started teaching my sewing classes, I also added a "Haberdashery & Crafts" section to my Etsy shop, for those of you that share my love of a pretty button or a string of pompoms.

I stock everything from basic sewing equipment to get you started (packs of needles, Embroidery Scissors (novelty of course!) Unpickers etc)

But I also sell an array of Retro iron on patches shaped like everything from Burgers to Rainbows! Every colour Pom Pom under the sun, bright coloured tassels, Lace Trims, Pretty Wooden Buttons, Sequins and packs of "Off Cut fabrics" - choose your size and I will fill the bag with as many remnants as I possibly can! 🌈☀️💕🦩🍉

So for those of you with a bit of time on their hands over the next few weeks and are wanting to get "Crafty". 🧵👗…

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