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Day 23: #Photography

I might have mentioned that I moved into my new house recently, and that I finally have a SEWING ROOM! 🎉

A new addition to my Sewing Room, is my "Wall of Fame". 🖼

This is on the bare white wall that sits behind my computer, so it gives me Inspiration at times like this!

I have always loved it when customers send me photos of themselves wearing items I have made ♥️

Because I sell world wide, my items can end up literally anywhere (they're better travelled than I am!!) 🤣🗺

And at times like this, when business is quiet and I've had to put my Sewing Classes on "Pause", looking back and reflecting on how far me and "The Pink Flamingo" have come, is what's going to see me through and out the other side! 😘🦩

I still have a couple of frames to fill but some of these photos so far are from Arizona, Greece, the Dominican Republic, England and the USA. This makes me so proud!

Stay safe everyone!

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