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..Still Playing Catch up...

Day 22: #Tools&Materials

Here's a quick photo of my Basic #Tools and #Materials. ⛏🔧🧵

🦩My Beloved Singer Sewing Machine

🦩My Fabric Shears (I have these in all shapes and sizes but these are my favourite because they're GOLD!)✂️ 🔔

🦩My Embroidery Scissors. Used for Snipping off loose threads and if I haven't got an unpicker to hand, I'll rip the seams with these.

🦩An assortment of thread.

🦩An assortment of Bobbins. 🧵

🦩Tailors Chalk, I didn't use it for years and I now I don't know where I'd be without it! Mine is rarely a Triangle shape as I am so clumsy and can break it just by looking at it!

🦩🧁My Pin Cushion, I have two, one is a Cactus and this one, A Cupcake, was bought for me by my Sister one Xmas. It also has a built in tape measure.

🦩And last of all, my tape measure! 📏

This isn't all of my kit, these are just the basics I would grab if I was on the go!

I have a vast collection of Scissors (paper and fabric!!) pins, rulers, A pattern master, Tracing Paper, Patterns and Fabrics...And unpickers for when it all goes wrong! 🤣🙃

If you're currently sat at home isolating, why not give my past posts a read. Instagram @ThePinkFlamingodesigns

It's on here that I'll keep you updated with all things sewing!

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