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Last one for today...😆


Day 21 : (Yesterday) #Change

Whilst I don't want to go on about Corona Virus (because there's enough about it on social media at the moment) I do want to talk about the #Change we are all going through at the moment. ❤️🌎

It's huge! It's affecting us all! No one knows whats happening or what is going to happen and it is awful! A lot of businesses (including mine!) have had to close their doors this weekend and that's sad because a lot of people don't even know IF they'll be able to re open, let alone WHEN! But I like to believe its a WHEN!

I like to think we'll all come out of this stronger, bigger and better. It seems like it's impossible but we need to try and focus on the positives! 🥰👊🏻

And if that means that I'm going to have to bombard you with "Positivity Quotes" about "Good Vibes" and "A New You" then SO BE IT!! 🤣

We are all going through a horrendous #Change but let's join forces (from a safe distance!) and all stick together!

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