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I've got behind with this feature over the last few days because there has been so many other things going on. So be prepared to be bombarded as I do a quick post to catch up with the days I have missed!

Day 18: #Technique

My technique ranges depending what I'm making, but generally speaking I :

🌸Draft my paper pattern from scratch, either using a Dress pattern as a template or I make up the shape free hand.

🌸I pin it to my chosen fabric and cut it out

🌸I do have an order of construction per design, but I will sew the main bulk of the garment using my Machine and Overlocker (to finish off the raw edges)

🌸For Shorts I will then add the waistband / Tee's I will then turn under the sleeve cuffs + Sew in the ribbed neckline.

🌸I will then hand tack the Pom Poms to the hem (so they don't move around) before Machine Sewing them in.

🌸I will then snip and pull away any tacking threads.

🌸I sew in my 2 Labels - One for my logo and one for the washing instructions.

🌸I will Iron the garment, parcel it up and get it posted to it's new home!

Here's a photo of me hand sewing in Pom Poms for a recent order that I posted to the USA!

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