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March 22, 2020

Last one for today...😆




Day 21 : (Yesterday) #Change


Whilst I don't want to go on about Corona Virus (because there's enough about it on social media at the moment) I do want to talk about the #Change we are all going through at the moment. ❤️🌎


It's huge! It's affecting us all! No one knows whats happening or what is going to happen and it is awful!
A lot of businesses (including mine!) have had to close their doors this weekend and that's sad because a lot of people don't even know IF they'll be able to re open, let alone WHEN!
But I like to believe its a WHEN!

I like to think we'll all come out of this stronger, bigger and better. It seems like it's impossible but we need to try and focus on the positives! 🥰👊🏻


And if that means that I'm going to have to bombard you with "Positivity Quotes" about "Good Vibes" and "A New You" then SO BE IT!!

We are all going through a horrendous #Change but let's join forces (from a safe distance!) and all stick together!

#smallbusiness #handmade #makerslife #handmadebusiness #etsyuk #madeincumbria #marchmeetthemaker


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