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March 22, 2020



Day 19: #Packaging + Day 20: #Marketing 💌❤️


Good Morning!


I am combining these two days because they aren't unlike my Day 4: #Branding Post.

First of all, #Packaging. 📮💌✏️


I do try and keep this as eco friendly as possible but my packaging has to be strong enough to survive been delivered over seas. 🌎


All of my items get wrapped in a sheet of white tissue paper, this is secured with my logo sticker. Each item gets a Business Card, a Feedback card and a Flamingo sticker. If the parcel is staying in the UK, I will post it in a brown paper envelope, if it is going further afield it will be in Brown paper and if it's going to the USA, It will be in a Pink plastic envelope (however I have just sourced some bio degradable pink bags which makes me happy! 🥰


If I am selling my items at a Market or Prom Art, the will be given in a white paper bag with a Card attached. I do try to keep my packaging fuss free and to a minimum.


Day 19: #Marketing 💻🦩


I do most of my Marketing via social media. I have tried Posters and Fliers in the past but no one seems to read them!

I use Facebook, Twitter, Insta and my own Website as platforms and each one works / doesn't work for their own reasons.


Here is the back of one of my cards:

If you only do one thing today, please take a look and "follow", "Like" or "Share" one of these links, it is MUCH appreciated! ❤️😘


#smallbusiness #makerslife #handmadebusiness #thepinkflamingo #etsyuk #madeincumbria #marchmeetthemaker2020🦩


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