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Day 12 : #LearningCurve

I touched on this yesterday but the biggest learning curve for me so far was my Pop - Up Shop in 2016. I had started The Pink Flamingo just 10 months before and so I applied to do a Pop Up shop in Kendal for 2 weeks (and then later in the year for 1 week). 🛍 🦩

Looking back, I had no experience, and just a pile of Shorts to sell. It was by far one of the scariest things I'd ever done because not many people knew about The Pink Flamingo back then and I was literally putting it all out there for people to laugh, criticise or judge! 😬

Luckily they didn't and I had the time of my life meeting new customers, selling my items somewhere new and setting up a Shop Front just how I wanted it! (all Pink and Festival Themed!) ⛺️💕☀️🍹🥳

I learned so much from the experience and from talking to customers, that's how I managed to expand my range by introducing Children's wear, Accessories and Dresses and Skirts. It did me good to get out and about and meet people. It also made me realise that the way the High Street is going, maybe having my own shop (which I'd like one day!) probably isn't the best idea at the moment and I'm best to sticking with Online sales.

It was a massive learning curve, it taught me loads about my Business, where I wanted it to go and who I was directing it at. It was a brilliant experience and I'd love to do something like that again!

If you're following my posts on here, why not have a look on @Insta. @Thepinkflamingodesigns where I'll keep you updated on all my makes and latest news!

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