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Day 11: #Range

Today I thought I'd talk about the Range of items I sell in my shop and how I came about making them.

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As you all know now, The Pink Flamingo began from one pair of Flamingo print shorts sold on Etsy. One by one, I started making more and more until I'd sold enough pairs that I decided to start a business. (It seems crazy when you put it like that!)

I ran a Pop up Shop in Kendal, twice, in 2016 (which I'll talk more about tomorrow) and this helped me massively to increase my range. Through this and lots of requests from American Mum's to "Twin" with their kids, I started making Children's wear. Which is basically everything I sell but in miniature! After a few requests, I started selling Men's Board shorts and more recently, a couple of Men's Shirts. Plus Dresses, Matching sets and Skirts where all introduced through requests.

The Accessories came about through what I was teaching at my Sewing Classes, and then I decided to sell Haberdashery and Crafty things to get more people into Sewing.

Within all of these Sections, I also have a few different colour ways for some of the Fabrics. Because I make "Made to Order" Clothing, I can be a lot more flexible with my Range and offer different Sizes, Styles and Colour ways.

I think Choice is important with anything (which is a good thing because I am way too picky at times and usually "Know it when I see it!") and so I think having a range of items gives the customer the option of choosing exactly what they want.

Heres the Link to my Shop Front so you can see for yourself:

#Etsyshop #etsyseller #makerslife #instagramchallenge #handmadebusiness #etsyuk #madeincumbria #etsymadeincumbria #marchmeetthemaker2020

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