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Day 2 of my Meet the Maker posts and today is #HandsatWork

I'm not really one for posting photos of myself, working or otherwise so I like this one because it's only my hands that have to look okay! (Luckily I painted my nails last night!) 💅🏻

As most of you know, I have just moved into my first house and I am now the proud owner of my own SEWING ROOM!

It's exactly how I want it (even though I've not unpacked half the things yet!) and it's got Flamingoes everywhere (even on the wall paper - I promise to share a pic once it's looking tidy in here!)

So I will share a sneak peek of my work desk.

Here is a photo of me working on my latest project, a costume for World Book Day for a friends Daughter, that I have been having an absolute ball making! So here I am at work.

PS - In the mean time, because this is meant to be an Insta challenge, if anyone wants to follow me for updates,

my name is @thepinkflamingodesigns

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