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September 26, 2018


It's always good to have a new project and recently I have taken on something completely different. Arrow Bags! Think Game of Thrones style reenactments, these bags are perfect for storing your Bow and Arrows in a stylish but secure way. 


A friend of mine gave me the idea after asking if I would be up for making a Bow Bag and an Arrow Bag, so between us we put our heads together, did the research and came up with these (pictured). 


So It's a far cry from Flamingo shorts but it's good to have some variety and I am really enjoying making them and thinking about design in a different way. 


These are available for sale on my shop and can be made in a variety of different colours and prints. 


If you are interested in Woodland Conservation or would be interested in making your own bow. This is the website to go to:



If you know anybody who is interested in archery and reenactment, send them my way! 



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