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Happy Tuesday!

What a weekend it's been! Not only was there the Royal Wedding on Saturday, but I ran my second half marathon on Sunday (more of that later!)

On to the Royal Wedding: I won't bore you with stuff you've heard before but anyone who knows me knows that I am a royalist. The Queen, Prince Philip, Prince George....I love them all. So of course I was going to be excited about Saturday. I managed to watch the run up to the wedding and see the dress / vows before catching the train to Manchester at midday. I then continued to watch it on my phone. (thank goodness for 4G!)

It was lovely! The dress was elegant, Meghan looked radiant, the flower girls looks so cute and the look on Harry's face when he saw her....I think the whole world melted!

It was a brilliant atmosphere and just what Great Britain needed.

Everyone loves a good wedding!

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